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May. 18th, 2030

walking along

OOC: Tracking Post - Second Season

For Misaki's first time in Johto, please refer to this post.

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Sep. 19th, 2029

YOU'RE SUCH A PAL!! <33333

OOC: Relationships

^ indicates the level of trust/like
- indicates the level of distrust/dislike
0 indicates unsure/neutrality
? indicates the obvious--confusion

Think of it as a point system. But just be forwarned--Misaki is a very judgmental person sometimes, or he can be surprisingly mature about his relationships. It all depends on the first few impressions of the person, so please keep that in consideration when reading his CR chart. XD

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May. 15th, 2028

welcoming smile

IC/OOC: PokéGear Voicemail/Plot Post

[Riiiiiing!.... Riiiiiiing!.... Riiiiiiing!]

Hi! This is Misaki. I can't answer my PokéGear right now, but if you need to get a hold of me, please feel free to leave a message. I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks! Bye!


*OOC: Basically, if you want to meet with Misaki for any reason or just chat, leave a message here and we can plot things out! You can stay logged into your character journal and leave an actual IC message, or state the message as OOC and just plot straight with me, Cager~ Either works fine! Hope to see you on the route~*

May. 27th, 2011


Perennial Blossom 2.3 [video]

[Misaki, looking a bit worn out but happy, is sitting on a bench on the sixth floor of the Goldenrod Department Store. He only has Tomo, his Sunkern, out with him right now and they're sharing a Lemonade together. He smiles into the camera then moves so the feed looks out onto the city from their vantage point. Only the Radio Tower breaks the skyline.]

Look! Goldenrod is so big compared to everywhere else! Even Violet, from what I remember of it.

[He pans the camera back, now with an apologetic look on his face.]

I've actually been here since yesterday, but I didn't check in because I was... busy training... [Actually, he was recovering from all the ditch digging and then the wacky bus ride to Goldenrod, but he's not going to worry anyone by talking about that. Besides, he's too manly to own up to carsickness.] So, if any of you guys are here and wanted to see me... I'll be here for a while!

((ooc: Action allowed for anyone in Goldenrod~))

May. 22nd, 2011

the camera panned too close

Perennial Blossom 2.2 [video]

[The camera takes a moment to focus, but once it clears a soaked Misaki can be seen huddled on one of the couches at the Cherrygrove City Pokemon Center. He's surrounded by Pokemon--Sunkern and a freshly caught Krabby, but also a Xatu and Absol. Sunkern and the Absol seem to be vying over the perfect spot in Misaki's lap, but the other two seem happy to just be inside and warm. Misaki smiles wearily at the camera but looks happy even with two energetic Pokemon climbing all over him.]

Cocona-chan, your Xatu came in today but I'm a little concerned about sending her back in the rain. It hasn't let up in a while, and my Krabby seems really agitated about something.

[He reaches down and pats the little crab Pokemon on its shell.]

As soon as the sun comes out, I'll send Soope-san back your way.*

Also, uh, I guess this is to anyone who might have advice... I decided to start naming my Pokemon because, well, last time I was here I didn't get around to it. I'm not very good at coming up with names, though, so maybe you could help me? [His smile turns almost apologetic this time.]

I did come up with one! Tomo! For Sunkern. But I'm not sure about the rest. Cocona-chan, did you have one for Absol when you took care of her?

((ooc: Replies will be slow, due to busy this weekend. *-Misaki is actually going to offer to help out when Officer Jenny sends out the signal for volunteers, so he'll be in Olivine tomorrow. The trip for Soope will likely be shorter from there, so do you want to have him just hold on to her until tomorrow, Haki?))

May. 18th, 2011

lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie

Perennial Blossom 2.1 [voice, then video]

((ooc: Backdated to noon today, though I meant to post this yesterday orz))

[At first only the faint breath of someone near tears can be heard. Or maybe they’ve already cried. It’s hard to tell without an image.]

Hey everyone. I… [A shuddering breath, then…] My… Krrhhh!

[For a long moment all is quiet, then a sob and a sniffle break the static on the other side of the microphone, followed by a concerned cooing of “kernnn.”]

I’m sorry. I… I just…

[He seems to give up at this point. One more sob, then the video feed starts. It’s Misaki, back from his glitch-return home. To those who had known him before, he looks like he did when he first arrived last time in Johto. All traces of growing muscle has disappeared, and his face has lost the gaunt look it had been taking his last few days here. And he’s crying, but that’s nothing new.

He sniffles again, then tries to smile. On his shoulder sits Sunkern, cuddled up against her trainer’s face in concern. His voice is still raspy with tears.]

I… guess I’m back. And I’m… I’m sorry.

Jan. 21st, 2011

Suzuki-san - WHEEE~ ♥

Blossom 13 [video]

((ooc: Backdated to Wednesday (1/19) - Action allowed for Violet peeps]

[You might be wondering why Misaki has been rather quiet lately. Well, as a matter of fact, he's actually been taking his training seriously for once and has been dedicating the last week and a half to serious training! Or most of it, anyway. Why? Because he was determined! Determined to win! And so, yes, he's been ignoring his PokeGear lately, but starting today that will all change!

When the video begins, it shows a proud Misaki walking out of the gym, Usami's Chimecho wrapped firmly around his neck like a scarf. In a hand-knit sling hanging around his shoulder sits Sunkern and walking along beside him is his young Absol, both of which seem to have stayed out of the recent battle.]

Hey, guys! Guess what? [A smug grin and...


He holds out the badge proudly, letting it glint prettily in the sunlight~]

I did it! I finally got one! This means I'll be moving on soon! And that--[He turns to look off camera]--means you're coming too, Usagi-san! So pack up! We're leaving tomorrow!

[The Chimecho giggles merrily and unintentionally tightens its grip around Misaki's neck, causing him to gag slightly. Reaching up to loosen its' strong grip, he nevertheless is still smiling when he looks back at the camera.]

So I'll be seeing the rest of you soon, right?

[A slightly panicked look crosses Misaki's eyes briefly, but disappears before the feed is cut.]

*Badge is mod approved.

Dec. 31st, 2010


Blossom 12 [video]

[Have a dejected looking Misaki, sitting in a Violet City cafe. Although he would be the last one to encourage anyone to indulge in gluttony after a defeat, he's already downed three huge parfaits in an attempt to feel better. Their empty containers lay across his table, and his newly hatched Pokemon from the Christmas egg giveaway is lapping up the remains from the dishes.

He looks through the PokeGear and offers a weak smile.]

Umm, it looks like I'll be staying in Violet. Faulker is... tougher than I imagined. So, sorry. I won't be seeing any of you for a while still.

[He almost reaches over to shut off the feed, then thinks better of it. He moves the camera to better see the new Absol baby, his mood cheering up just a smidgen.]

This is Absol, by the way. She hatched early this morning, so I thought that meant good luck. Guess that was just wishful thinking on my part.

[And this time the feed does shut off.]

((ooc: Action allowed for anyone in Violet, as usual.))

Dec. 29th, 2010

om nom nom

Blossom 11 [video]

[Misaki is in the Violet City Pokemon Center sitting at one of the tables provided for resting trainers. In his hands, he holds a the cloth pouch Kanji had made him for Sunkern, but instead of his lazy grass Pokemon inside there sits an egg! Sunkern doesn't look jealous at all and seems a bit enthralled with it, sitting nearby with a :3 grin.

Misaki, on the other hand, looks a bit unsure. He's rubbing it with a small towel, as if he's afraid it'll get too cold without constant mothering.]

Uh, a-anyone know how to take care of these things right? I'm really... really not sure what to do. And how long until it hatches? It's really quiet...

[He looks genuinely worried. Not only does he have to take care of this one, but he's fretting about the one Usami picked up. That man can barely take care of himself (in Misaki's opinion) so how could he possibly take care of an egg? It'll probably end up as Misaki's responsibilty too...

And sure enough, all these thoughts and posts about eggs have given Misaki a real craving for omelets and fried rice. He might have to make some later... though not with the Pokemon egg, of course! >_>;;

ooc: Egg sprite by mangosherbet)

Dec. 23rd, 2010

Happy fun smiley times

Blossom 010 [Video] and it probably should have been private but he's too excited to care

[Misaki runs out of the Pokemon Center in Violet, his face a little red from the chill but his eyes glowing in excitement! He grabs out a Pokeball and smiles into the feed.]

Hey! Hey! Usagi-san! I caught you one of those things that came in yesterday! You kept staring at them, so I thought you might want one. Here, look! [He depresses the button on the Pokeball and sure enough, a young Snover appears!]

It looks like people have been dressing them up for Christmas. What do you think Snover would look good in?

((ooc: And of course action is allowed for anyone in Violet. |D ))

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