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Clovers in my eyes

Flowers like you growing in my heart

Misaki Takahashi (高橋美咲)
1 March
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Application Post
--Includes all the necessary information on Misaki
How's My Driving? and yes, it has:
--anon enabled
--IP logging disabled
--comments screened
Trainer Info- Includes:
Plot Post
Tracking Post - Coming Soon!
Relationships - Coming Soon!

From his previous stay in Johto:
Tracking Post

Extra FYI notes:
-I'm a terribly shy person so unless you invite me to talk to you I may not have the guts to contact you (I might not even have enough even with encouragement) BUT I will be receptive if you wish to talk with me or AIM me. Really, you can poke me if you want to...
-Coincidentally, I'm not the greatest conversationalist in the world. Definitely nothing enlightening is coming out of me.
-I'm a bit of a tl;dr writer. Like, I write oceans of text. So if you want me to tone it down a little, send me a pm or message me please.
-My most active times are when I'm not in class or at work. Sadly, I don't have a phone with internet capabilities (stuck in the early 21st century :P) but I'll pretty much always be willing to backthread if you want to~
---Current work schedule: Not working currently! \o/
---Current class schedule: Not currently attending! \o/
-This journal is strictly for RPG-ing fun only. Junjou Romantica and Misaki Takahashi are copyright of Shungiku Nakamura.
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